• Booth No: E48-50
  • Exhibition:
    BIO tech 2018
  • Country: Japan
  • Organ-on-a-chip for toxicity test On-chip POCT/IVD On-chip PCR
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    • Organs-on-a-Chip / On-chip cell culture

      Organs-on-a-chip for on-chip cell culture and toxicity testing

    • On-chip POCT system

      Modular microfluidic cartridge-based universal diagnostic system for global health applications.

    • Real time on-chip PCR (continuous flow...

      Continuous flow PCR chip with a meandering channel, placed on thermal blocks with different temperatures allowing for on-chip denaturation, annealing ...

    • Fluigent SA high precision pressure...

      Modular design pressure-based fluidic solutions including the flow controller for Lab-on-a-chip applications.

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